New littles

I love that we have three new baby boys in the family and that I get new pictures of these boys every day.  I also love that they eat each other.



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First Swim

I know, he looks really excited.  But seriously, he’s going to love the lake this summer.  Two more weeks… wow that’s coming up fast!





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The boy




This was when he was first starting to pull himself up on things.  I love the pride in his eyes.





Still a snuggler.



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San Antonio


While Mike went to Las Vegas at the end of April to do a gun training class with his parents and brother, I went down to visit his older brother Nathan and his family down in San Antonio.  I was dreading the five hour drive, but Jude was actually really good.  Pit stops just took a little longer than normal…


We drove down Sunday night, and the next day I went to Becky’s class in the morning (she teaches a few exercise classes at the local YMCA…mean, mean classes…) and then she took us out to Genghis Grill for lunch.  IMG_1507


The rest of the trip we just enjoyed hanging around the house and spending time with cousins.  Jude and Whitney got to spend lots of time together.






Uncle Nate throws Jude around just like his Dad does.






I love Jude’s face in this picture.




Whitney and Kate loved baby Jude.  They were…very helpful…








I made these shirts for Kate and Whitney before we left.


We were sad to leave and we can’t wait to see you guys again in July!

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About a month ago Mike really wanted to go camping, so we packed up one Friday and headed down to Bardwell Lake campgrounds in Ennis, TX, about an hour south of Dallas.  I haven’t been a fan of camping in the past (and why would I be…I had a lake to play on every summer growing up!) but I’m slowly taking a liking to it.  It was so nice to get out of the city and just be in some open space with a great view and great smelling air.  We were the only ones in a tent – everyone else had a trailer.  Is it really considered camping when you’re in a trailer?  I don’t know.  But it was nice.  And Jude even slept pretty well. After we went camping for the first time with our new tent last year we returned it and got a bigger/nicer one, and it had lots of space for us and Jude’s pack-n-play.

Well, it was nice until the next morning when my allergies completely overwhelmed me and I thought I was going to scratch my eyes out.  I think I’m allergic to this state.

This video is from the car ride down there.  It is definitely my new favorite video of Jude laughing.  I love that boy’s laugh, and you can tell that I’m willing to do most anything to get it out of him over and over and over again.






We put Jude in his pack-n-play while setting up and taking down the tent.  He tried to push his way out.  He wasn’t very happy with us when that plan didn’t work.



But he’s pretty easy to cheer up.



The view.



The reason we chose Bardwell Lake to camp at was to see the bluebonnets before their season was over.  They were beautiful.




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Poor Jude has been sick for a while.  First he just had a light cold for a few weeks, but then he had a fever for a few days two weeks ago and has had a really stuffy nose and a bad cough since.  Oh, and he’s getting both his top front teeth in at once, so he’s been in a bad mood the last few days.  Poor guy.  So we’ve been hanging around the house a lot.  He’s gotten pretty good at crawling.  I’ll leave his room or our bedroom to go do something in another room and he’ll show up there a minute or two later.  It’s pretty cute.  He has also recently learned how to drink water from a sippy cup with handles on both sides and how to feed himself small finger foods.  That boy will do ANYTHING for a Cheerio.  His favorite spots in the house are the bathrooms, and he goes straight for the caps that are on the bottom of the toilets on both sides.  He’s been obsessed with them ever since he figured out that they come off.  Of course, our toilets are old so everything under those caps is rusted.  Both bathroom doors stay closed now.

I read somewhere that he’s getting old enough to understand my mood and the tone of my voice, so I’ve been trying to say “no” and mean it.  Apparently, “No” means “You’re so cute, just go ahead and do whatever you want” in baby language because he just looks at me and gives me a big grin when I say it and then goes back to whatever he’s doing…like making a beeline for the toilets.

He doesn’t really care to sit up by himself.  He’s capable, but whenever I plop him down on his butt he immediately rolls forward onto his stomach so he can go somewhere or get a toy.  He tries to climb up on things but doesn’t really understand to or isn’t very good at pulling his legs up underneath him to get into a more upright position.  He loves being thrown into the air, bounced, and hanging upside down – he goes into hilarious fits of laughter.  Jude can now stand while holding on to something; he did it without anyone even holding on to him yesterday.

Jude favorite toys are anything electronic (of course…he’s a baby).  His eyes light up and he moves the fastest when he sees the computer or my iPhone in reach.  He also likes going to the bookshelf and pulling the books off the bottom shelves.

Jude is a very good eater and will always open his mouth for you and eat whatever you want him to, even if it’s something he doesn’t especially like.  It does help to bribe him with fruit after every few bites.  He is happy all the time, even while he’s sick (until teeth start coming in).  He is always good for me in stores and never cries, even when he’s hungry or way overdue for a nap (I am usually holding him in the sling, though…a stroller might be another story).  He loves taking walks and will just chill out in the stroller for a long time.  He’s such a good baby – I keep telling everyone that I’m going to think the rest of my children are devil children after this one.

I want to remember everything about how he is right now.

Love you, Jude.


Shorts I made him a few weeks ago.



Mom’s club at the park.




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Warrior Dash



About a month ago Mike participated in a run call the “Warrior Dash.”  It’s a short one, but there are 12 obstacles you have to go over/under/through, including jumping over fire and then army crawling through mud at the end.

Mike met up with a few friends from the Brookshires who invited him to do the run.  Here is Aaron, who worked in the 7-Eleven office for a while with Mike before transferring to Brookeshires.



A lot of groups came dressed up.  I saw super heroes, Scotsmen…yeah, that’s all I can remember.


Mike’s group after the run, before the hose-down.




Oh look, it’s me!


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