Diane and I went to the Texas State Fair the day before Big Tex (the gigantic cowboy statue celebrating 60 years this year) died.  And by died, I mean caught fire and burned down to its metal frame in front of many children at the fair that day.

They have about a thousand fried things, but I only tried the corn dog and the fried pineapple upside down cake, which was basically just a pineapple ring battered and fried with whipped cream on top.  It was still delicious.


The ridiculous butter sculpture, one of my favorite parts.


The kids loved the petting zoo.



Jude won’t let go anymore when his dad holds him up to hang onto anything because he knows this is going to happen.


This was at our friend’s beautiful garden that we helped take care of while they were out of town.


I didn’t tell many people, but I had an accident in the kitchen in October.  I had too much oil in the pan and it was on high, and I got nervous when I went to put the steak in, dropped it, and  hot oil splashed on my left cheek, nose, mouth, neck and arm. Mike and I went to the emergency room.  They thought that a few spots might be third degree, so they bandaged me up, gave me some burn cream and referred me to the Parkland Burn Center.  They decided that the two spots were just deep second degree, but not third degree burns, so I just had to wait for it to heal.  And at this point I have pink spots on my arm and neck, but you can’t tell I got burned on the face at all.  I just have to stay out of the sun for a few more months while the skin finishes healing.  I think this picture is from after my visit to the burn center where they scraped all the skin off the burn areas.


Mike and I love going to Whole Foods for dessert on our dates and we can never resist getting this dessert.  It’s cream and berries in a chocolate-covered waffle cone type shell.  It’s delicious.


Mom’s club


Mike and I made these costumes for our friends’ Halloween party.


They’re dorks.  But then again, so are we.




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2 responses to “October

  1. Lacy

    We sure miss being around you dorks more often. So sorry to hear about your burns but I am very relieved to hear you are healing quite nicely. See this is why I don’t cook. Love the new posts!

  2. Kathy Clay

    love all the videos and you guys are hilarious foxes!!!

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